Short Chassis

With the chassis clean, apply the velcro strips in line with battery tray slots.

Use Transmissions,   EMaxx 3903, 3905, 3908

ERevo 5603, 5608      Summit 5607.

 Although transmissions from the E-Revo and Summit are used,

motor plates designed for the E-Maxx or this conversion must be used.

Run open gears or with gear covers.

​Use the supplied M4 screws to attach the adapters to the transmission. Start each screw about a round or two before continuing. Look from different angles to make sure it's headed straight into the plastic transmission case.

All conversion components come with hardware and attach to the chassis using existing mounting holes.

As a general rule, when installing each of the components, start all screws before finish tightening.

  • Receiver Plate / Bridge
  • Transmission Adapters
  • Battery Tray Assembly
  • ESC Plate​

Short Chassis Trucks: Pro-15, 2.5, 2.5R and early 3.3's all share the same chassis length. A few changes in looks and thickness during the years but all have the same outside shape and dimensions.

Note: The receiver box assembly can be left off for now if needed. With the receiver bridge installed and servo mount modified, it quickly attaches with two screws.

Attach the electric transmission to the chassis with existing screws (M3x.05 thread size) used for the nitro transmission.


ESC Plates are designed to attach to a variety of ESC's of different sizes and mounting configurations. If the esc has no mounting provisions like bottom screw holes, mounting plates or tabs, double sided tape can be used. 

Mount the receiver box to the receiver plate. Short chassis's can only use the front holes. Long chassis's can use front holes or use the rear and gain wire length into the receiver box.

To assemble a transmission from scratch, see Transmission


Chassis: This electric conversion system is designed to work with all box stock Traxxas T-Maxx chassis (Old & New), (Short & Long). Most after market chassis, if any, will not work as designed with this conversion. To understand what T-Maxx you have, below are the two different lengths of T-Maxx chassis's.

Temporarily remove the steering servo's front mount and cut the end off as shown in the illustration. Re-install the modified mount. Now remove the rear mount, it's not needed with this conversion.

Battery Trays are machined from solid plastic stock and attach to the chassis with an aluminum backup plate. Assembled with battery straps, receiver extension wire, hardware and velcro strips that extend the range of battery sizes.

Mount the esc and esc plate to the chassis. As a general rule, with the esc's receiver wire tied down, leave about 1-1/2 to 2" of free length from the end of connector plug to the front zip tie.

Finish with connecting the esc / receiver leads. Use zip ties to hold motor wires and on/off switches when needed. 


The adapters overlap the battery trays backup plate for support.

In the illustrations we're converting a long ext chassis truck. Short chassis trucks are the same basic instructions, just a few differences here and there. 

Before the components can work together, the receiver plate bridge is installed and a modification to the front servo mount is needed.

Main Conversion Components

Depending on chassis length and differentials, center drive lines may be needed to continue. Normally plastic drive lines can be installed when the transmission is in place. Metal drive lines have to be installed at he same time as the transmission. See the Drive-Lines page for options.

Receiver Plate: Install the receiver plate's bridge using the modified screws as shown. Once installed, no need for removal for future maintenance.

Transmission Adapters allow a direct fit for electric transmissions sold on Traxxas's 1/10 scale 16.8 & Brushless E-Maxx, E-Revo and Summit Monster Trucks. The transmission in these electric trucks are all the same, the difference is the motor mounting plates + the Summit has the optional 2-speed installed.


Long Chassis Trucks:  3.3 extended chassis are easily identified. The chassis's front section has a large taper compared to the short chassis.

Intro: The T-Maxx has been around for 15 plus years and a few things have changed during the production years. Most of the upgraded and stronger parts on the new and newer tmaxx's will fit the older maxx's in one way or another. For this conversion to work as described, it is necessary to know what chassis (short or long) and what style differentials (2.5 or 3.3) you have.

Short chassis's use the (#) holes, long chassis's use the (*) holes. Short and long chassis trucks use the same servo holes. For perfect alignment, the front servo mount may need to be loosened to allow some adjustment.

To begin the conversion, everything except the steering servo has to be removed from the top side of the chassis.  A small modification to the servo mount and the components bolt right on, no drilling needed. A good cleaning is recommended. It's well worth the effort and after the electric conversion is complete, your T-Maxx will look & perform like a whole different machine.