Offset Motor Plates are 6x3mm thick and position the motor 3mm closer to the spur gear. Designed for 1/10 size motors (.125" & 5mm shaft dia.) with 16mm or less shaft lengths. With E-Maxx style motor plates, the distance from the motor's mounting face to the outer edge of the spur is approximately 20mm.  Running 1/10 scale motors short shafts leaves the pinion with very little shaft contact and less secure.

Offset motor plates work great with 1/8 motors also, but it may be necessary to grind and extend the flat for the pinion's setscrew on some motors.

Note: To use the shifting spring option a shorter transmission screw must be used in this position. If left to long it will interfere with spring's movement and will not function properly.

Low cost aftermarket servos work as good as any.

Use the transmission adapter to scribe a cutting line. The chassis has to be modified in this area + the chassis brace will need some trimming to fit the servo used.

E-Revo / Summit style shift springs will need a small bend to clear the battery.

2-Speed Servo Bracket: Use the servo bracket to mount micro servos.

HD Motor Plates are 4.5mm thick and work well with 1/8 scale motors and 1/10 motors with longer shafts. Same offset as factory stock E-Maxx motor plates.

E-Maxx style 3988X spring and linkage. This option is somewhat limited to using Traxxas servos. The spring horn has a different spline than most aftermarket servos.

Motor Plates: Machined Motor Plates are extra thick and strong for heavy duty use. Air passage holes create more surface area and dissipate heat transferred through the plate from the electric motor.

E-Revo / Summit 5668 shift spring, with short linkage. A 3x6mm fcs screw 3932 is needed to secure the spring to the transmission.


One of the great features of this conversion is the ability to have a controllable 2-speed transmission. Switch into high range for high speed running, jumping, wheelies, ect. Switch to low range and climb, crawl, push and pull with unlimited power.

Slipper Eliminator: Works great with all builds. Precision made, all critical features machined in the same setup. Best possible gear mesh.

When considering a 2-speed setup for your conversion. Look for transmissions sold with the shifting spring attached as part of the purchase.

Unused carburetor linkage for 2.5 - 3.3 engines can be used with a E-Revo / Summit side style shifting spring. Older Pro-15 models can use the old shift linkage wire & cup but will need to shorten the length and bend a hook for the servo horn. Most often the servo horn will need a hole enlarged to fit the linkage.

Another option designed into the adapters is no bracket at all. No doubt the servo bracket option is much easier and has more servo / linkage possibilities.