Lightly coat the gears with grease and assemble.

To assemble from individual parts it is very important to stay true to part numbers below. For an example, Traxxas sells a 3984 and a 3984x part. Same number, but one has an x at the end. The 3984x part is in the list below and the one needed. The Traxxas 3984  part will not work with this transmission. This will hold true with other parts.

Parts to assemble a complete slipper assembly.

  • 3959   Traxxas Spur Gear 0.8P 62T E-Maxx
  • 3960   Traxxas Spur Gear 0.8P 65T E-Maxx
  • 3961   Traxxas Spur Gear 0.8P 68T E-Maxx
  • 5351   Traxxas Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub Alloy Revo
  • 5352x   Traxxas Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/T-Maxx

  • ​​2554   M3x6 SH  Traxxas Back Plate Screws
  • 5116   5x11 BB Traxxas Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm, ( 1 needed)​​

Note: Screws and Bearings can be non Traxxas parts as long as they are the same size.

Traxxxas 1/10 scale electric transmissions are the heart of this conversion and can be put together from scratch by purchasing the correct part numbers. After the transmission is assembled or purchased as a complete, a slipper assembly or direct drive (slipper eliminator) is needed to fit a variety of spur gear options. To complete the complete working assembly, motor plates used on E-Maxx trucks or specific to this conversion are used.

Choose a spur and pinion combination for the desired gear range. Parts 5351 and 5352x are for multiple applications and will have unused parts left over.

Parts to assemble a single speed transmission. Same transmission as a stock E-Maxx or E-Revo transmission.

  • 3969   Traxxas Output Shaft Transmission E-Maxx
  • 3984x   Traxxas Output Gear 33T E-Maxx
  • 3991x   Traxxas Gearbox Halves Front/Rear
  • 3992   Traxxas Input Shaft/Drive Assembly
  • 3996x   Traxxas Idler Gear 20T/Idler Gear Shaft
  • ​​5157   Traxxas Cover Plates/Seals
  • 1647   Traxxas Silicon Grease (or a comparable hobby grade grease)

  • ​​​3215   M2.5x6 SH Traxxas Screws 2.5x6mm
  • 2552   M3x12 FH  Traxxas Screws Countersunk/Flathead Machine 3x12mm Revo
  • 5116   5x11 BB   Traxxas Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm Revo, (4 Bearings, 2 packages needed)
  • 5117   6x12 BB   Traxxas Ball Bearings 6x12x4mm Revo​